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Richard Nowicki: "I studied Mandarin Language under the tutelage of Tracy. Being a retired professional and senior citizen, I had doubts about my ability to study a new Language at my age. I elected to participate in small group study with 2-3 other students with a similar level Mandarin skill. I was pleased to find that Tracy was very thorough and ensured that each student was able to grasp the current lesson before the end of the class. She took time with each student individually and with much patience and understanding, guided me through the organized lessons. She was particularly valuable in helping me with my tones, grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. I would highly recommend Tracy as a Mandarin instructor and hope to continue my lessons with her in the future." - Richard
Mikael Waernlund: "I have taken weekly classes with Tracy in Mandarin for over two years. The classes are well rounded with spoken practice, grammar practice and verbiage practice. I receive regular home work to practice on my own. Tracy also produces excellent MP3 discs, which I have been listening and practicing to, while driving. Overall, the classes are well adapted to my level of knowledge in Mandarin. In addition to the regular classes, Tracy has also promoted multi student classes, cultural Chinese events and other non-standard ways of getting exposed to Chinese language and culture.

Tracy is teaching a standard Mandarin, well suited both for Mainland China and for Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places. She demonstrates the written language both using Traditional and Simplified characters.

Tracy shows great flexibility in terms of adapting to my availability, which changes a lot, due to business travel, so I have had classes on either Mondays. Wednesdays or Thursdays. The timing is also important to me, and we have succeeded in having the classes right after work ends.

Tracy is a persistent and excellent teacher and very knowledgeable in Mandarin. I can strongly recommend her for any level of Mandarin training." - Mikael
Spenser Stone: "Tracy Lin is passionate about teaching Mandarin and a highly effective instructor. Within a few months under her tutelage I turned a long time wish for learning the language into the ability to express myself in mandarin sentences. I built a solid foundation in the language which has served me well in university level studies. This was due to her thouroughness in Mandarin instruction - on a weekly basis I received personalized lesson plans and audio recordings to take home after class. This level of interaction is a great asset in the language learning process. If you want to get started learning the language this is the way to do it!" - Spenser
Ben Tyler: "I took private lessons with Tracy for over a year, and she helped me tremendously with improving my Mandarin level. She created personalized lessons for me with painstaking care. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone wanting to learn Chinese." - Ben
Norbert Funke: "I think Tracy is a great teacher even for people that have already intermediate experience. Great adabtibily on the learning level. Always liked our sessions and helped me a lot." - Norbert
Brian Thompson: "My interest in learning Mandarin began in 2007 when I started working with a Taiwanese company. After a few months of self learning, I was not satisfied with my progress using online resources, so I thought I would give private tutoring a try and began studying with Tracy. She evaluated and adjusted lessons to fit my level and also used real-life situations to make what I have learned more useful. She understands my point of view as a learner and knows what I need to speed up my learning progress. I really think that my level of communication in Mandarin would be nowhere without Tracy's help, so I hereby offer the strongest possible recommendation to study Mandarin with Tracy." - Brian